Application Engineering

In most cases, there is more than one way to manufacture a component. In almost all cases, one of these methods is less expensive than the other. For an individual outside of the manufacturing sphere, this fact can go unknown for quite some time, if not overlooked altogether. What most buyers don’t know is that method of manufacturing can mean the difference between paying for a $0.07 part and a $0.03 part. In high volume production, this can add up to thousands of dollars in annual savings.

At OEM, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to help you determine the most cost-effective means of manufacturing your product. By closely examining the tolerances, application and expected usage of a component, we can advise you of the best ways to minimize your assembly costs. Sometimes this means pursuing the least expensive method of manufacturing. Other times, it means taking a problem part and investing a little more up front to make sure strict tolerances are consistently achieved.

We know that each of our customers’ has requirements and quality standards specific to their industry and we take these very seriously. As a contract supplier, our team is here to serve as an extension of you – to help you get a quality product to market on time, every time.

Services we offer:

  • Design assistance aimed at cost reduction
  • Component standardization consulting
  • In-house mold and tool construction
  • Prototyping Options / First Article Samples
  • Technical Support